How to Write a Professional Biography For Your Portfolio

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When you go into an interview you want to be memorable. One great way of doing this is providing your interviewer with a professional biography in your caregiver portfolio. You can tell the story of your professional experience through your biography. If you are unsure of how to pen your own biography, don’t worry! As always, Caregogi is here to help you make the best impression possible when going into an interview.


List Your Credentials

You can make the most out of your biography if you dedicate some time to brainstorming first. Sit down for ten minutes and think of all the accomplishments you have related to caregiving. Make sure the experience you list is relevant. Only include information that has happened within the last ten years. These accomplishments can be any of the following:

  • Advanced Degrees
  • Certificates
  • Caregiver training
  • Work history
  • Volunteer work
  • Medical training


Format Your Biography

Now that you have refreshed yourself on your professional experience, it is time to write your biography. Writing a biography is a little different from traditional writing. This is because you need to write in 3rd person, which can be a little difficult. One easy way to get into the rhythm of 3rd person speech is to start the biography with your name.

For example: “Rachel Carey is a compassionate caregiver with over 5 years of experience caring for the seniors of Pittsburgh.”


Write Chronologically

Your professional biography should be very easy for your reader to follow. One great way to accomplish this is to organize your information in chronological order. Begin your biography with the earliest event in your timeline and work your way to your most recent accomplishments. This will give your biography a sense of flow and will be extremely easy for your interviewer to read.


Include a Call to Action

Every piece of information you give to a client should be a call to action. A call to action is what you want your reader to do once they have finished reading your biography. In this case, you are asking your interviewer to hire you. To do this, you must include your contact information at the end of your biography. When you write your contact information make sure that it is current and written correctly.

For example: “If you want to hire Rachel Carey as a caregiver, contact her at or call her at 412-333-3333.”


Proof Read and Update

Before you print your professional biography, make sure that you have proof read it at least 3 times. Be sure to comb through your writing line by line to catch small mistakes. Ask a friend to review it as well. Two heads are better than one, and most people do not mind reading a short essay. If you plan on using this professional biography for future interviews, make sure that you keep it up to date. Add new experience as you gain it, and get rid of outdated information.


Try it for yourself!

Make the best move for your career and add this professional biography to your caregiver portfolio. We have created a template to make creating your own quick and easy. What are you waiting for? Download our template today:

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