Tips for Helping Parents With Finances

Helping Parents With Finances

Are you concerned about your parents’ financial stability? If so, you are not alone. Many adults in the Sandwich Generation (those supporting children and parents simultaneously) feel the weight of worrying about their parents’ money. In fact, 25% of Baby Boomers and 20% of Millennials are helping their parents with finances in some way. Since…

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Why Senior Hearing Loss is More Serious Than You Think

Senior Hearing Loss

Prevalence of Senior Hearing Loss One of the most common afflictions for older Americans is hearing loss. This hearing loss typically occurs gradually over the course of a person’s life, so the shift into debilitating hearing loss can be difficult for a person to detect individually. Approximately 2 in 3 people over the age of 75…

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What To Do When Mom or Dad Has a Fall

mom or dad has a fall

One day, you are visiting your mom at her house because you have not seen her in a while.  You arrive at her house and walk in to see that she has fallen and is in pain.  Panic starts to overwhelm your mind and body.  You end up calling 911 and your mom received the…

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How to Provide Long Distance Senior Care

Long Distance Senior Care

Providing Long Distance Senior Care Caring for your aging parent is stressful. This stress doubles when you are a long distance caregiver. You will come across unique challenges when you provide long distance senior care.The good news, however, is that you are not alone. According to the MetLife National Alliance for Caregiving Report 15% of people providing care…

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5 Amazing Ways to Make Memories with Aging Parents This Christmas

Aging Parents This Christmas

The holidays are always a great opportunity to capture memories with family members. This can be especially important if you have an aging senior in your family. Making special memories for all generations can really help liven up any celebration. Here are a few ideas to get started for you and your aging parents this…

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