How Much Should Senior Home Care Cost?

How Much Should Senior Home Care Cost?

Now that you are beginning the process of finding care, you have to face one unavoidable truth: Senior care is expensive!

Your expenses can add up quickly as an aging loved one declines, and one of the biggest costs can be home care. So how much should senior home care cost? 

There are many factors that make senior home care so expensive. One of the major reasons is that senior home care agencies have incredibly high overhead. Interestingly, senior home care agencies often charge upwards of $25 an hour.

This high rate covers the following:

  • Cost of Caregiver acquisition
  • Salary of the agency office staff
  • Caregiver insurance, bonding, and unemployment

The high cost of senior care is one of the primary reasons we created Caregogi. We want to provide you with a home care alternative that can help to save you thousands of dollars each year.


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