Get Hired Faster With These 5 Reference Letter Tips.

Thoughtful senior man writing a reference letter for a caregiver

Once of the best things you can do for the future of your career is to ask a former client to write you a reference letter.  A well written reference from the family of a senior you provided care for is your one-way ticket to getting hired quickly. If you can include two reference letters in your caregiver portfolio you will be sure to ace any interview.


Choose Your References Wisely

The families that you have provided care for most likely have a very strong opinion of you. This is because of the emotional nature of independent senior care. You should always choose the person who you felt the strongest emotional connection with. The families that you really bond with will not only have the most to say about you, but their emotions will naturally come across in their reference letter.   


Give Your Reference Plenty of Time

To receive the best letter possible, you will want to give your reference plenty of time to write it. Two weeks is a standard amount of time give any reference before their letter is needed. When you request this letter, it is always better to ask rather than demand. If they agree, you can then arrange to meet them in person to discuss what specifically is needed.


Meet Them in Person

Show your commitment to the person who is writing you a reference and arrange to meet them in person before they write it. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to connect with a former client and see how they are doing, it will also serve to refresh their memory on all that you did for them. This meeting will ultimately lead to a better letter.


Make Their Job Easy

Telling your former client specifically what you would like them to address will make their job much easier. Come to your in-person meeting with a list of things you want them to touch upon. These things will be specific to each individual client so you might want to have a brainstorming session before you meet to get your thoughts in order.

Here are some ideas to begin your brainstorming:

  • Specific tasks you performed for your client that you are proud of
  • The certifications you have that lead you to provide better care
  • Times when you closely bonded with your client
  • Moments when you went above and beyond your caregiver duty


Use Your Manners

It should go without saying but when you ask for a reference you should be very courteous. Anyone you are asking to write a reference will have to take time out of their day to do this favor for you. Once they give you the reference always follow up with a thank you call or letter.

Work Independently. Work Better.

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