Fun Senior and Grandchildren Summer Activities

Outside parties are plentiful. Daylight lasts longer. Kids are home for their summer break. Its summertime and everyone is ready for warm weather and sun, especially kids on summer break. Since many parents have to work during the day, many look to grandma and grandpa to babysit while they work. In cases like these, we have put together a list of fun senior and grandchildren summer activities that keep everyone active and enjoying the summer sunshine.

Have Fun at the Park

Children love going to the park and playing on the swings, the slide, or the monkey bars.  The playground is a place with many possibilities for grandparents and grandchildren to have fun. Even just lying in the grass and using the imagination by watching the clouds can be an enjoyable summer activity. Also, it is a great way for both parties to get some physical exercise; walking around the park, pushing grandchildren on the swing, and keeping up with the little ones can all be fantastic ways to get exercise in during the day.  Going to the park is one of many fun senior and grandchildren summer activities to do together to enjoy being outside in the summer sun.

Explore on a Nature Walk

Another exciting activity for grandparents and their grandchildren is going on a nature walk together. A nice summer walk through the park or on a path in the woods is a great way to spend some quality time with the grandchildren.  In addition to the nature walk, try collecting some memorabilia along the way, like flowers and leaves.  Plus, taking a nature walk with the grandchildren is a fun way for seniors and children to get some physical exercise.  In addition, a nature walk can help the seniors with their mental health through the physical exercise.  It will result in more blood flow to the brain and improve links between the brain cells, thus improving the seniors’ mental health.  This activity is a perfect opportunity for some special bonding time between grandparents and grandchildren this summer.

Take them on a Lunch Date

Something that children love almost as much as having fun is eating delicious food.  By going on a lunch date with their grandparents, they can have both fun and delicious food.  What better way to buy a child’s love than to buy them some dessert?  Also, it is a fun little weekly or monthly activity that the senior can have with their grandchildren.  Having a lunch date can help create a more solid bond between a grandparent and their grandchildren.  A weekly lunch date is  one of many extremely fun senior and grandchildren summer activities to do together. To see some examples of places for seniors to take their grandchildren, click here.

Play With Some Puzzles and Games

Playing some puzzles and other games on some rainy summer days are really fun bonding experiences for grandparents and grandkids. It’s a good way to have some fun with the kids and (occasionally) letting them win will put the biggest smile on their face.  There are many board games like Sorry, Candyland, Connect4, and much more that are easy and fun to play.  In addition to having fun with the grandkids, playing games and puzzles will help maintain a healthy brain for the seniors by stimulating new connections between nerve cells and possibly generating new cells.  Additionally, they will help seniors to develop neural plasticity and help to fight against future cell loss, thus improving their mental health.  Playing some puzzles and games can be some fun senior and grandchildren summer activities to bond over. To learn more about what board games are fun to play for seniors and grandchildren, click here.

Teach The Kids a Hobby

Another fun way to spend time with grandchildren is by teaching them a new hobby.  There are many hobbies that grandparents can teach their grandkids, like fishing, knitting, building things, puzzles, etc.  Hobbies teach them good skills to have and gives provides a specific activity between the seniors and the children.  In addition to teaching skills, it helps form a special bond between the two of them.  Also, it provides a very meaningful way to pass the time and form some amazing memories between the senior and their grandkids. Teaching a hobby is one of many amazingly fun senior and grandchildren summer activities to do together.

Play Arts and Crafts

Children love using their imagination through arts and crafts.  Grandparents can use this to their advantage and have some quality bonding time doing arts and crafts with their grandkids.  This allows children to express themselves through their own creativity and have certain skills later in life.  So, grandchildren and grandparents will benefit from arts and crafts, as well as, form a bond with each other that will help form a more solid relationship.  Having arts and crafts are really fun senior and grandchildren summer activities to bond over.

Splash around in the Pool

Children love going swimming during the extreme heat of the summer.  This is also a fun activity to do with the grandparents.  The grandkids can have fun in the sun with their grandparents splashing all around.  In addition, the grandparents can have fun with their grandkids and get some physical exercise in too.  This can be a special bonding moment because the grandchildren can see how much fun their grandparents can be.  Going to the pool is one of the many exciting senior and grandchildren summer activities to do together this summer.

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