Why Every Caregiver Should Get a Criminal Background Check

When first coming onto Caregogi many caregivers will ask if a criminal background check is worth the money. If you ask anyone on Caregogi’s staff the answer will always be a complete and utter, “YES!”

If you are serious about making a career out of independent senior care, performing a background check on yourself is the absolute best way to increase views to your profile.

1. Make More Money

When you work through Caregogi you have the opportunity to make over $10,000 annually compared to traditional franchise agencies. In order to fully optimize your profile and make the most out of our platform, it is advised that you complete a criminal background check. When you utilize our platform without a criminal background check it is certainly possible to have families hire you, but you will be at a distinct advantage compared to your competition.

2. Don’t Let your Background Hold you Back

Criminal history is common. In fact, by age 23 nearly 1 in 3 Americans have been arrested. Do not allow yourself to be held back by your criminal history. Instead, confront your past head on. Families are much more likely to hire a person who is up front and honest about their criminal history than someone who attempts to hide it.

3. Invest in your Career

A criminal background check through Caregogi is just $34. Up front that might seem like a large amount, but the majority of caregivers can make that in under three hours. When you invest in a criminal background check you are empowering yourself to have more opportunities to work and make money.

4. Get Hired Faster

When you undergo a background check are 5 times more likely to get hired compared to their unverified counterparts. Independent senior care is a competitive business where only the best can work consistently. If you want to get more interviews, your profile has jump out at people and say “Hire me!”. The best way to do that is by having your criminal background history searched and verified by Caregogi.

Having a criminal background check is truly the best way to ensure that your profile stands out to potential employers. Make sure that you are doing all you can for your career and invest in a criminal background check today. If you have any questions at all regarding the background check process please contact us.

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