5 Ways to Stand Out in an Interview

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Congratulations on landing an interview!

If you’re like most people, this is the most intimidating part of the process. Many families will interview 3 – 5 potential caregivers to ensure that they are finding the person who is the perfect fit for their loved one. So, how do you express to a potential client that you are that perfect fit? We have a few tips to make sure you stand out.


1. Be Punctual.

First impressions are everything. A rule of thumb to go by is the old saying “15 minutes early is on time, on time is late, late is unacceptable.” If you will be traveling into a new area to find employment, always be sure to do a test drive the day before to ensure you know exactly where you are going. Also, never schedule your interview during peak traffic times. As a result, your interviewer will see you as more responsible.


2. Exude Professionalism.

When you work as a private caregiver, your image is your brand. Think very carefully about how you will appear at an interview. Arriving in professional attire will impress clients. Additionally, always cover up tattoos and piercings. But, professionalism is more than looks. If you speak confidently and professionally, clients will be drawn to you. Most of all, make sure you stay active and engaged during the entire interview process. Never take your cell phone out unless absolutely necessary.


3. Come Prepared.

Rehearse popular interview questions before you meet with the potential client. Here are a few that we know are commonly asked in caregiver interviews:


Q: “What type of people have you cared for in the past”

A: In this question the interviewer is looking for the experience you bring to the table. Be sure to mention the specific diagnoses of people you have cared for, so use this as an opportunity to emphasize your experience.

Q: “Why did you choose to be a caregiver?”

A: There are so many reasons that people choose to provide care to seniors. For many, it is a personal connection brought about by caring for their own loved one. Share your personal connection in order to help you connect with your interviewer.

Q: “What is your biggest strength?”

A: Always emphasize to your interviewer what you bring to the table that no one else is able to. This is your opportunity to stand apart from the other applicants.

Q: “What is your biggest weakness?”

A: The best way to approach this question is to give a genuine weakness and then tell your interviewer what you are doing to improve upon yourself. As a result, your interviewer will see that you are motivated to improve yourself.

Q: “How would you handle a situation where my loved one was difficult?”

A: This is a chance to show your potential employer what your problem solving capabilities are. When you do this you show your interviewer how dynamic your caregiving skills are.


4. Bond with the Client.

If the interview includes a tour of the home, always ask to see the client you will be caring for. This will show the senior that you are invested in their care. Because of this,the person who is interviewing you will take note of your attentiveness. Always take the time to have a conversation with the senior client. If you can endear yourself and start to form a bond, the person arranging care will be more likely to choose you as the one who ultimately provides care for their loved one.


5. Write Out Employment Arrangements.

In order to make sure that all employment arrangements are valid, make sure that you go over all details of employment with the person arranging care. If you get all of these circumstances in writing initially, everyone will be on the same page. As a result, if there should ever be a situation that would arise where a client felt you handled something in an inappropriate way, you can always refer back to this initial employment agreement. If you would like a template to go off of, check out Caregogi’s sample Employment Agreement.


We wish you luck on your interview!

With our tips you are sure to succeed in your interview. We wish you the best of luck when you go out to meet with clients!


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