A Wonderful Christmas for Seniors Too!

The holiday season is a common season for people to spend more time indoors with those who matter.  Students and kids generally have an extended time off from classes and school, allowing them to relax at home and do activities such as play videogames.  The parents often get a chance to take extended time off from work, allowing them to spend the time shopping, relaxing, and visiting friends and family.  For most seniors, time away from work has been their situation for years rather than a couple weeks around the holidays.  This presents a unique set of challenges.  This special time of year could be a sad time, as seniors may remember old friends and family who have passed away or have relocated.  And with various mobility and health issues, seniors may not have as much ability or energy to complete other tasks.  All these challenges can mean that seniors may not be very excited – if excited at all – about Christmas and the holidays.  So how can Christmas be enjoyable for seniors?



A large part of Christmas is the gift aspect.  Whether it comes to gift shopping or some kind of gift exchange, providing gifts can be a great way to brighten up the holidays!  Seniors can try to go to the mall (with friends and family for more fun) to explore and buy gifts that could have sentimental value, such as a photo frame set.


With today's technology, it is easier to capture memories and communicate!

Tech Today

With technology today, it is easier than ever to remain in touch with loved ones.  As many people own iPhones, video calling is especially easy due to Apple’s FaceTime, as the only requirement is to have one’s phone number or Apple ID.  This makes a video call just as easy as a mobile phone call.  Other options such as Skype have been available for years, and such calls can be made on phones, computers, and in rare cases, televisions!  Facebook has a video calling device called the Portal, which allows video calling through Facebook Messenger and WhatsAppGoogle has the Nest Hub Max, which is their own connected device for video calling and other information.  While an electronic connection is not the same as an in-person connection, it is a good way to fill part of the void of contact when the entire family can’t be together.


Storytelling across generations is a great way to enjoy the holidays!


Storytelling can be compared to a fine wine – it can get better with age.  Have the younger family members ask the older members about their “olden days”.  This gives a fun opportunity for seniors to jog their memories and reminisce over interesting times, while the younger family members learn a lot about family history.  On the other hand, the younger family members can share their own stories with the older generation and show how times and trends may be different for them.


Food and Crafts

Christmas should leave a good taste in one’s mouth, both figuratively and literally.  Along with good fun and memories, something everyone should look forward to for Christmas is the food.  On the sweet side, many people may create gingerbread houses, or bake many cookies.  Some people create more simple gingerbread houses, while others create houses that could qualify for competitions.  For cookies, try out homemade sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or butter cookies.


There are various ways to volunteer for a senior during the holidays!

Volunteering for Seniors

Volunteering for the elderly is a great way to simultaneously provide help and companionship.  Especially when one’s mobility is impaired to a degree, it is very useful to have an extra hand for decorating and other household tasks.  When it comes to helping seniors who may not live at home, one could help at a nursing home, with a food drive, or with a gift drive.


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