Technology for Seniors: Top 5 Products to Help with Senior Home Care


More than just an “uh huh” feature: how technology for seniors can help daily.

Grandma being the only member in the family to not have a smartphone is a thing of the past. Eighty percent of U.S. adults over the age of 65 currently own a cell phone and in that same group four out of ten own a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center. While seniors may not have traditionally been the target user for new technology, they are quickly becoming a key customer group for new technology products.

In terms of technology for seniors, what new products can help your parents or grandparents with home care today?

Caregogi has compiled a list of the top 5 technology for seniors products that can make the life of your aging loved one easier.

  1. Amazon Alexa

    Whether you have the Echo or the Dot, both products function the same way. Alexa is available to give reminders (which is great for seniors who may need medication reminders), provide information (the weather, the daily news, etc.), control home functions (lights, thermostats, plugs), act as an entertainment system (music, games) and act as a contact to reach family and friends when connected to your phone. Alexa is becoming quickly compatible with many new devices to make your life simpler, so the list of functions she can help provide is only growing. You can find Alexa on Amazon.

  2. Caregogi

    Many seniors would prefer to age in place in their home. However, home care can be very expensive. A typical agency charges between $25-29 an hour for senior home care. However, Caregogi cuts this hourly fee in half by removing the agency’s role. Instead, Caregogi gives you the ability to select, interview, and hire the perfect caregiver for your senior loved one. The process begins by matching you with the top caregivers. Matching is based on the provided profiles of the senior in need of care and the caregiver. To learn more and sign up visit Caregogi’s website.

  3. Grandpad (& other tablets)

    The goal of many consumer technology products is to be as user friendly as possible, yet many fail in this objective, especially when it comes to technology for seniors. One product that IS user friendly for seniors is Grandpad. The name is exactly what it suggests: an iPad tailored for grandparents or those in the most “grand generation” as the branding suggests. It provides seniors the ability to connect with their close family and friends, see photos, listen to music, and play games all in a way that’s much simpler than the current tablets out on the market. Its specifically tailored to seniors’ needs. A companion app also exists for their loved ones to chat with the senior. Learn more about the Grandpad website.

  4. Tile

    Typical for many as we age is forgetfulness. To help combat this and potentially misplacing small important items like keys and phones, Tile exists. Tile helps track lost and misplaced items with the use of a smartphone and a tracking chip that has a battery life of a year (and can be replaced or charged after the year is over). Tile can be placed on keys, in a purse, or can be used to track a misplaced phone. The possibilities are endless as long as the item can have Tile attached to it. Learn more about Tile on their website.

  5. Wellness Alert

    To help give seniors and families peace of mind, Wellness Alert is made up of wireless sensors that monitors the behavior of senior in their home to determine if activity is out of the ordinary and may need attention. It will alert if it notices behavioral changes, without a button needing to be pushed. If the system senses that the senior has fallen, an automatic alert will be sent out. Additionally, Alert can automate certain functions in the home like thermostats, lights, and locks. If your senior loved one may need extra care, Alert can help monitor them to identify when and how they need help to remain independent at home. Learn more about Wellness Alert, visit their website.

Does the senior in your life need home care at an affordable rate? Visit Caregogi to find the best matched caregiver for your senior loved one at half the cost of traditional agencies.

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