Tips For Seniors Using Wheelchairs In Their Home

Tips for Seniors Using Wheelchairs

Many senior citizens struggle with mobility as they continue to age.  One common solution to this issue is a wheelchair.  Many seniors use wheelchairs to move around.  In fact, older adults tend to lose their mobility as they age due to things like strokes, arthritis, and injuries from falls. Many misconceptions surrounding being wheelchair bound…

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Holidays with Seniors: How Home Care will Help during the Hectic Holidays

Holidays with Seniors

The Holidays Opening Your Eyes to the Aging Process The hustle and bustle of the holidays, while exciting, can also be very stressful. Many Americans are worrying about finding the perfect gifts and preparing for holiday events. In addition to those typical holiday stresses, you may also be caring for a loved one. If not,…

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Thinking About Hospice Care? Common Questions and Concerns

Betty Anne and her daughter, Alice, were enjoying a quiet breakfast on the porch one spring morning when Betty Anne suddenly lost her grip on her coffee mug. Thankfully, the beverage had been sitting out long enough that the liquid wasn’t scalding, though the spill still left a noticeable pink blotch on Betty Anne’s leg.…

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Fun Senior and Grandchildren Summer Activities

Outside parties are plentiful. Daylight lasts longer. Kids are home for their summer break. Its summertime and everyone is ready for warm weather and sun, especially kids on summer break. Since many parents have to work during the day, many look to grandma and grandpa to babysit while they work. In cases like these, we…

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Independent Living for Seniors: How to Help Seniors Aging in Place

Independent Living for Seniors How to Help Seniors Aging in Place The goal for most seniors is to age in place. However, the home of your dreams in your lively thirties doesn’t always translate into the home you need as you slow down in your eighties. To help make aging in place a reality for…

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