Should I Use Caregogi or A Senior Care Agency?

When you are tasked with finding senior care, there are many big decisions that need to be made. Is hiring an independent caregiver right for you? Should you use a senior care agency? We will help you to clarify the differences between hiring an independent caregiver and relying on a a senior care agency.

What a Senior Care Agency Does

It is important that you understand what a senior care agency does to best inform your decision.

Senior Care Agencies are responsible for the following:

  • Hiring Qualified Staff
  • Running Criminal Background Checks
  • Managing Billing and Payroll
  • Filling shifts in case of call off
  • Communication between clients and caregivers

You will find agencies charge a great deal for their services, often upwards of $25 an hour, but it is not without reason. When you are in an agency’s hands do you not need to fill shifts, call caregivers, or worry about payments. With an agency that is all taken care of for you.


What a Senior Care Agency Does Not Do

While agencies do manage a great deal, there are still things they simply cannot facilitate. When you make an agreement with a senior care agency there are certain rules you will likely have to follow.

These agency rules include:

  • Minimum hour requirements
  • Accepting the caregiver you are assigned
  • Inflexible schedules
  • Inability to communicate directly with caregivers
  • A week minimum notice before beginning care
  • Unwilling to accept short term cases’

To make a profit, senior care agencies are often unwilling to take short term cases or cases with very few hours. Additionally, they are unable to arrange meet and greets with potential caregivers. You may have to reject several caregivers they provide you before finding the one who works with your aging loved one. If any of these items sound unacceptable, you are likely a good candidate for independent caregiving.


When to Use Caregogi

When you use Caregogi you are able to pay less and have more choice in your care, but there is work involved.

With Caregogi you are responsible for:

  • Contacting caregivers
  • Hiring caregivers
  • Creating your schedule
  • Filling shifts if a caregiver calls off
  • Managing caregiver payment

Caregogi is a resource which allows you the freedom to choose your own caregivers at half the cost of agencies. If you feel that this option is right for you then feel free to sign up.

If you have signed up and realize that finding care independently is not right for you, don’t worry! Your Caregogi subscription includes our beyond care center, which will provide you instantly with senior care agency information.


Would you like to learn more about Caregogi?

Visit our FAQ page today to learn how Caregogi can help you keep your aging loved ones in their home at half the cost of agencies.

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  1. Hazel Owens on July 23, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    I liked that you mentioned that care agency help by hiring qualified staff and running background checks. I want to hire some help for my mother. I believe she will be grateful when she is being taken care of.

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