Caregogi has joined the National Aging in Place Council!

Our Partnership with the National Aging in Place Council

The National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC) is a well established organization dedicated to aiding seniors in remaining active and healthy at home. Because this aligns so well with Caregogi’s mission to provide knowledge, resources, and affordable care to families navigating the senior care process deciding to partner was easy.


Educating Seniors in Pittsburgh

Over the past several years the Pittsburgh chapter of the NAIPC, chaired by Elaine Malec PhD, have assisted their community in many ways. They have made outreach and education their dedicated focus and have hosted a number of speaking series throughout the Pittsburgh area. Since 2015 they have been regular speakers at the Shaler Library, dedicating themselves to educating seniors on the topics of fraud and abuse, medicare, fall prevention, and much more. Additionally, they have participated in fundraising efforts for the Butler County Alzheimer’s Walk to support the Alzheimer’s Association and those suffering the Alzheimer’s Disease.


A Better Future for Seniors

Together Caregogi and The National Aging in Place Council will work to create a better future for seniors. We will strive to educate our community about what can be done to make living at home easier. We will make every effort to fund raise research for diseases that make living at home more difficult. Most importantly, we will do what we can to advocate for policies that will make living at home more accessible for all people regardless of age, physical ability, or economic status.


What You Can Do

Stay updated on all the information, education, and events that NAIPC – Pittsburgh has to provide the community by following us on Facebook. The Pittsburgh chapter meets monthly to discuss strategies to help the community. In the meantime, make sure that your home is “Aging in Place Appropriate” by following the advice on the graphic below!


Aging in Place

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