Your Local Pharmacy: How It Can Help You as the Family Caregiver

Your Local Pharmacy: How It Can Help You as the Family Caregiver

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You just got a prescription for your mom’s most recent diagnosis. You head to your local pharmacy to have the prescription filled. As you wait for the prescription to be filled, you start to walk around the store. You decide while you’re here, you’ll pick up the bread and milk you need.

You start to mentally make a list of all the things your mom will need now that old age is settling on her. She’s going to be on this medicine long-term, so she’s going to need prescriptions filled here every month. She also has a doctor’s appointment set up 2 months from now, who knows what will pop up. Mom can’t walk as well as she used to, so you need a wheelchair for long stretches of walking. She might need home care (which you can’t provide with work and your kids’ crazy schedule), but you don’t even know where to begin on finding home care. Flu season is around the corner too, and your mom cannot afford to get flu at her age. She’ll need to get a flu shot.

While all these thoughts run through your head, you don’t even realize you’re in the exact place that you need to be to help start solving these problems. Your local pharmacy, like Rite Aid, offers more to you as the family caregiver than you think. From durable medical equipment to resources on family support, Rite Aid can be more than just a pharmacy and a convenience store. Below are four other ways your local pharmacy can help ease your stress and help solve problems as the primary family caregiver.

Build a relationship with a pharmacist who can offer consult on medicine. 

Using the same pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions means seeing a friendly face monthly, if not weekly. By getting to know the person filling out your prescription, they will get to know you and your needs, so medical error with prescriptions can be reduced. They can also find you cost savings with various rewards or cheaper alternatives by knowing your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Access to durable medical equipment.

Your mom needs a wheelchair, and your local pharmacy has many options that are available to purchase immediately in store. Insurance companies may take weeks to approve and send out a wheelchair for mom. Your local pharmacy can give you a lightweight, easy to use wheelchair that can be bought immediately, along with transport chairs.

Access to products for daily caregiving needs.

In addition to durable medical equipment, products for daily caregiving needs are available for you to pick up at any moment. Products like incontinence care, bathroom safety equipment, crutches, and canes are just a handful of products available at your local pharmacy.

Help with family support.

Your local pharmacy also offers various support guides and pamphlets to assist you with handling major lifestyle changes. To help assist your mom in finding home care and navigating the process, your local pharmacy offers support. Places like Caregogi offer support guides to local pharmacy to help community members cope with stressful life events. Guides range from help with discharge from the hospital to financial guidance for families needing home care.

Receive vaccines.

Most chain store pharmacists are trained and certified immunizers. They are able to administer the right vaccines for you and can consult with your doctor if needed. Pharmacies, like Rite Aid, offer vaccinations for many major illnesses. To help avoid common illnesses that develop in seniors, pharmacies offer flu, phenomena, and shingles vaccines.

Pharmacies are often the place people go to for a quick convenience store pickup or to get a prescription filled. However, there are numerous other conveniences your local pharmacy can offer you, especially as the family caregiver.

Visit your local pharmacy for all your caregiving needs. Additionally, if home care is needed for your aging loved one, visit Caregogi can assist you in finding, hiring, and managing a caregiver independently at half the rate of traditional agencies.

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