Why Older Homes Might Be Detrimental to Seniors

Could your loved one’s house be making them sick? Many older adults live in homes that are decades old. While it is nice to have a history to the place you live, older homes invite their own environmental hazards. Know what those hazards can be, who they impact, and what can be done to prevent them.


Know the Environmental Hazards

Because older homes are heavily lived in, but not subjected to inspection it can be the perfect storm for hazards to develop. This is especially true when older adults, who cannot keep up on maintenance, dwell at home alone. Without a caregiver or sufficient family support, your loved one could be living in a hazardous condition.


A little dust here and there cannot really hurt anyone. However, if your loved one’s home has not been properly cleaned in a while dust can cause major respiratory issues. Vents that are caked with dust inside and out can be a breeding ground for germs and spores. These hazards can be especially dangerous for someone with asthma, COPD, or a weakened immune system.


If your senior loved one is forgetful the might have a habit of leaving faucets on or the bath running. This can lead to water damage in the seams of floors and ceilings. If left untreated this dampness could foster microorganisms, mold, and bacteria. These things can harm respiratory health and make someone with a compromised immune system fall ill.


When a home is old and in bad condition it can be easy for mold to develop. Mold can be incredibly dangerous to anyone, but especially seniors who often have weak immune systems. It only takes 24-48 hours for mold spores to fully develop into mold. Spores spread quickly, as they can be carried through ducts easily. Once molds multiply, the health risk increases because mycotoxins are released into the air.


How to Assess Environmental Hazards

We suggest that you do at least a monthly walk through of your loved one’s environment to check on environmental hazards. These could include mold spots, leaks, or heavily dirtied vents. Twice a year go through with a mold and allergen kit to ensure that there are no unseen hazards.


What to do if You find an Environmental Hazard

If you suspect that your loved one’s health might be at risk because of an environmental hazard call a professional. We recommend Bactronix, a professional microbial control company. They have an expert team who uses science based formulas to destroy microbial hazards naturally.

Additionally, they offer free testing to determine the level to which your loved one’s home has been compromised by microbial hazards. Once they have determined that you have a hazard, they will proceed with disinfection and protection. Their protection phase will ensure that your loved one is protected from home microbial hazards in the future.


Interested in protecting your loved one’s home?

Contact the professionals at Bactronix to ensure that your loved one does not fall ill due to mold or other microbial hazards in the home. They will do all that they can to protect your aging loved one.

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