Why Haven’t I Found A Match Yet on Caregogi?

Finding your perfect caregiver is not always easy, and it is certainly not a process that happens overnight. There are several reasons why you might not have found your perfect caregiver yet. Our team of experts is here to help you make the most out of your caregiver search.


You Have Not Been Searching Long Enough

Finding your perfect caregiver is hard work and takes time. Caregiving agencies have multiple people dedicated to calling and recruiting day in and day out. Because you have chosen to utilize a platform like Caregogi, some of that agency responsibility will fall on you. You will need to call many caregivers to find the one who works best for you. Do not give up and continue to be diligent. We recommend contacting at least 10 caregivers you are interested in to get the response you want.


Your Search is too Specific

If you have an idea of the perfect Florence Nightingale caregiver in your head you might have to readjust your perspective. Amazing caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. If there is someone who meets your criteria on paper, but has a different look than you were expecting, send them a message. Sometimes the best caregivers can come in unconventional packages.


You Cannot Replace Yourself

No one knows your loved one like you do. That knowledge can be a double-edged sword when you begin to arrange care. It can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to find yourself in a potential caregiver. If you go into care trying to find a caregiver to be your replica you will never be satisfied. Take a step away from the process and try to assess the situation with an open mind.


Your perfect caregiver is out there.

It might seem stressful now, but once you find your perfect caregiver an enormous weight will be removed from your shoulders. Make sure to practice effective self-care and not overwhelm yourself.

If you have any  further questions regarding Caregogi feel free to check out our FAQ section.

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