Staying Young: Five Fun Fall Activities For Seniors

Five Fun Fall Activities for Seniors

Seniors may be a little past the age for Trick-or-Treating, but there are plenty of fun fall activities for seniors to help you and your aging loved one enjoy the fall season. While there are many ways to get excited for fall, we’ve lined up the top five fun fall activities to do with your aging loved one.

1. Visit a Local Farm

With Halloween right around the corner, pumpkins will be in an abundance of supply for Halloween decorating. The best way to find your pumpkin is at a local farm. If your aging loved one has a tough time getting around, don’t let that stop you from making your way to the pumpkin patch. There are plenty of activities available to get your loved one in on the action. Hayrides, music, and tons of apple and pumpkin inspired food can make your farm visit fun.

On top of that, there’s sure to be plenty of kids running around to make any adult feel the excitement of Halloween and the changing seasons. Find a local farm here.

2. Make Some Holiday Crafts

What better use can you put your pumpkin to than making a fall- themed craft? For the artistic senior, Halloween and Thanksgiving give you the perfect excuse to get crafty with your loved ones. Use Pinterest to get some ideas on wreaths , scarecrows , and pumpkins.

Not only will you have a day for making the crafts, this also gives you the opportunity to spend an afternoon patrolling the aisles of your local craft store for the perfect materials for your crafting day. For more enjoyment, make the activities something the grand kids can do too, whether that’s pumpkin carving or painting.

3. Have a Spooky Movie Night

Continuing on with the holiday spirit, host a spooky movie night. This activity is perfect for the chilly, fall nights. Get a handful of classics like the Shining or Halloween. If scary isn’t you or your loved one’s style, grab Hocus Pocus or Beetlejuice. To make the night even more fall-themed, consider baking a pumpkin dessert or some hot apple cider to enjoy while watching your movies.

No matter what kind of movie person you are,  you can make this a night to enjoy each other’s company.

4. Go for a Walk

Nothing says fall more than the changing colors of the tree leaves. Enjoy the transitioning landscape by taking your loved one for a walk in a local park or even around your neighborhood. Not only will it be a beautiful view, but it will also be a great way to get that exercise in while enjoying the crisp, fall air. This is one of the fun fall activities for seniors that everyone can enjoy too!

5. Garden or Plant Flowers

If your loved one loves nature, a great bonding activity is gardening or planting flowers. Even if your aging loved one isn’t as active as they once were, this can be a time to learn from them through instruction and get some time outside.

While changing temperatures and shorter days are likely to make you want to stay inside, use this new time of year to make new memories instead. Holidays make the perfect excuse to spend time with your family, so let the activities of Halloween and Thanksgiving bring you and your aging loved one together. If you have any questions about our list of fall activities for seniors, contact us today.

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