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Find your Perfect Caregiver.With our Expert Matching.

After over a decade in senior care Mary Jo Dietrich knows: Finding the right caregiver for your parent can be hard. That’s why she created Caregogi.

Caregogi matches your parent’s unique needs to the best local caregivers.

Now you can use an expert caregiver matching service without having to deal with the inflated cost of home care agencies. 

Find your perfect caregiver today!

Mary Jo Dietrich, RNCEO & Founder

How Does Caregogi Work?

Caregogi allows you to find care independently of a traditional home care agency. Finding care with Caregogi is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Share your story.

Take 10 minutes to tell us the unique needs of your senior loved one.


2. Browse Caregivers.

Our site will find care providers in your area qualified to meet your needs.


3. Find Your Match.

Message care providers you are interested in and find your perfect care match.


I was ready to quit my job to care for my grandmother before using Caregogi. After signing up I was able to find a caregiver within a week and hire her full time. In my first 3 months I’ve already saved over $3,000 compared to what I would have spent at an agency.

Matt G.

Current Caregogi Customer

Caregogi is setting the world on fire when it comes to connecting home health aides with seniors who need care at home…I just love it because they are solving such an important problem that impacts quality of life on so many different levels.

Jonathan K.

VP of Communications & Media

Pittsburgh Tech Council

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