COPD Awareness, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

COPD Symptoms Awareness

The heat of summer is not too far away. As the summer heat begins to get intense during July and August it may cause some safety problems. Senior could face difficulties staying cool and breathing during the hot summer months. COPD is a huge issue that some seniors may struggle with over the summer. So, don’t be completely clueless about COPD. Read our COPD awareness guide so you know what COPD symptoms are and how you can help any senior in your life who are affected by it.

What is COPD?

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Those who suffer from the disease experience chronic bronchitis and emphysema on a daily basis. Your lungs are directly impacted by the disease. To make all this a little simpler to understand; you have difficulties breathing. There are currently over 11 million people living who are diagnosed in the United States. COPD will affect your loved one in the long-term and can cause an early death. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure. While no cure currently exists, there are ways that you can prevent it and treat it.

How Does COPD Work?

COPD makes the airways to your lungs inflamed and thicker. Also, the tissue in your lungs where oxygen is exchanged is destroyed. This decreases the air flow that goes in and out of your lungs. This results in your body tissues receiving less oxygen. Since less oxygen is in your tissues, it becomes harder for your body to get rid of carbon dioxide. As the disease progress, you may notice shortness of breath. This makes it harder for you to remain active.

How You Can Prevent COPD – COPD Symptoms 

You may not be able to cure COPD, but you can stop it from happening to you. Follow these tips to help you avoid being diagnosed:

  1. Stop Smoking

Of course, avoiding tobacco and smoking can improve your health. Smoking is already bad enough for you so now you have even more to gain from quitting. Smoking cigarettes creates a thick tar on your lungs and can cause shortness of breath. Also, smoking can inflame your lungs and thicken the passages to them which is what COPD also does. Around 85 to 90 percent of COPD cases are caused by smoking and you are more likely to suffer an early death if you smoke.

  1. Don’t Smoke

This may seem a bit repetitive but it’s for your own good. According to the American Lung Association, you reduce your risks of developing COPD symptoms and many other lung diseases when you pick up smoking. So, the easiest way to avoid this risk is to just never start smoking. Do your lungs a favor and avoid smoking at all costs.

  1. Avoid Secondhand Smoke

These first few tips to help you prevent COPD symptoms all go hand in hand. You should already know by now that smoking is awful for your lungs and is the biggest trigger of the disease. Staying away from smoking and people who smoke is the best way for you to avoid this poisonous secondhand smoke. The American Lung Association suggests that you make your home smoke free. Making your home smoke free we’ll help protect you and your family from having a greater risk of developing COPD. Also, you should look into your rights to a smoke free environment in public places such as your work and places of leisure.

  1. Know the Other Dangers

While smoking is the biggest risk for you to develop COPD, there are other factors that can harm you. You should make yourself aware of the other dangers like chemicals, dust, and fumes. These dangers come from air pollution. Electric utilities, vehicles, and factories can emit different types of air pollution. However, all air pollution puts you at a greater risk of developing the disease so its best if you can avoid it. Climate change and natural disasters can also create air pollution or harmful air. You should know the state of the air if one of these incidents occur near you.

  1. Fight for Clean Air

The quality of air should be important to you and your family. Keeping the air clean can help you avoid a greater risk of COPD symptoms. You also help fight for the safety of the environment when you choose to help fight for clean air. Reach out to members of your community and join forces to help battle for clean, safe air in your community.

How to Treat COPD

You can help treat COPD using many different techniques. These techniques will only make it easier for you to live with the disease and will not completely cure the disease.

  1. Medication

The first way you can help treat COPD is by taking prescription medications. The best medicine for you to use may be different from what might help someone else. Medications are meant to help reduce the discomfort associated with your symptoms. You can expect to breathe a little better and have fewer flare-ups when taking medication.

  1. Rehabilitation

Another option you might choose to treat COPD is rehab. Pulmonary rehab can help you rebuild some strength in your lungs and better educate you on lung health. Rehab can help you lead a more active lifestyle. Typically, a rehab program will educate you on nutrition, exercise, and help counsel you.

  1. Surgery

Some people who suffer from COPD use supplemental oxygen or choose to have surgery. Surgery helps those who suffer from severe cases. You may choose the alternative route of supplemental oxygen. Your body needs a constant supply of oxygen. If you suffer from the disease, supplemental oxygen could help you with daily tasks.

  1. Therapies and Clinical Trials

You may choose to be part of the research done to help prevent and maybe find a cure. Clinical trials offer people the opportunity to be part of tests that see how new medical approaches work. These studies help find better ways to prevent and treat the disease. You could also try complementary therapies. These are nontraditional medical practices. You may use massage, yoga, or acupuncture to help improve your symptoms and quality of life.

Breathe Easy with Caregogi

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    Many seniors want to live at home, when they know the chances of slip and fall are a high risk. Even with a monitor will help reach you in time? Now look at the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Time is valuable in these cases! Let’s face it, the government saves money when they can give you a little assistance, but you need more. In many cases the lawn needs mowing, you need help with laundry, food and overall cleaning of the home. Now you find you need more care so Medicaid moves you into a nursing home or assisted living. All your benefits (money) every month is gone. As a senior we need a different approach. Let’s look how a new and different approach can be seen. Step one, purchase (LTC) long term care insurance. The cost is a lot lower than sacrificing your whole monthly check. Ok, you’ll keep $50 now $55 a month with Medicaid. Step two, if you have siblings or kids maybe offset the cost for (90) ninety days say with them. Step three, the home you were living in. “RENT IT.” Now you can say you truly afford better care and keep most of the monthly benefits!!! Stop the old way things are taught and letting others control your way of life.

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