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How Caregogi Can Help Your Loved One.

Caregogi is a site that connects you with hundreds of senior caregivers in your area. If you have having difficulty caring for your aging loved one with Alzheimer’s we can find you someone to help. It is as simple as logging on, telling us a little about your loved one, and choosing the right caregiver for you!

What is Caregogi?

Caregogi is not a traditional home care agency. Our system allows you to browse hundreds of caregivers in your area and connect with them without the need for an agency. Traditional Homecare Agencies charge outlandish fees to cover their overhead in order to keep their offices running. By connecting you directly with caregivers we cut out the agency middle man, and you save money!

How Does Caregogi Work?

Caregogi takes the information that you give us about your loved one and we match it with the thousands of caregivers in our system. From there we match you to caregivers who are best suited to meet your needs. You can then message caregivers and schedule interviews with them so that you can hire the best person to suit your loved one’s needs. 

Tell Us About Your Loved One.

Take 10 minutes to inform us of the unique needs of your senior loved one. This information helps us find the best caregivers for you.

Browse & Message Caregivers.

Once you subscribe, our site will find hundreds of caregivers near you. Start messaging your favorites and begin your interview process.

Hire Your Perfect Match!

Interview your favorite caregivers from our site, hire your perfect  match, and enjoy more affordable senior care!

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