Best Senior Vacation Spots to Visit

The first day of summer was just a few days ago and it’s beginning to feel like it. The beginning of summer also means the beginning of vacation season. Who doesn’t love to go on a nice, relaxing vacation in the middle of July? Since most seniors are over the age of 65, we went and found out the best senior vacation spots to visit and what to do while you’re there. Now it’s time for you to figure out what spot is best for you and have some fun in the sun this summer. Here’s our list of the best summer spots for seniors to vacation at.


Charleston, South Carolina

Nothing screams vacation more than a little bit of southern charm. Located along the coast of South Carolina, Charleston offers a wide variety of activities you can do on your senior trip. You could take a 20-minute drive and have the sun in your and sand in your feet at the beach. If you enjoy a little bit of sport in your life, Charleston offers many different beautiful golf courses you can play at. Charleston also offers things for your inner history buff. You should check out their main tourist attractions at the American Military Museum and the Fort Sumter National Monument. You can also bring out your creative side by visiting the Gibbes Museum of Art.


Roanoke, Virginia

Unleash your inner historian and take a trip to the lost colony of Roanoke. Roanoke is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and was named one of the South’s “Best Places to Retire.” If you’re an outdoorsman, you can take a hike through the beautiful forests surrounding Roanoke. You can take a trip and visit the largest man-made star in the world. Mill Mountain Star and Park offers a great view and the star stands at 88-feet. You could also go and check out Black Dog Architectural Salvage and Antiques. Black Dog offers a variety of antiques you can look at and purchase. These are some of the reasons Roanoke made our list for best senior vacation spots to visit. Roanoke’s other attractions can help make your vacation spectacular.


Mazatlán, Mexico

Take a trip south of the border and visit Mazatlán, Mexico. Mazatlán is known for being a beach resort town with welcoming hosts. If you like good food and great weather, then Mazatlán is the place for you. The most obvious thing for you to do while in Mexico is to visit the beautiful beach and relax in the sand. However, if you get adventurous, there are plenty of other beautiful sites. You could visit the Plaza Machado which is a historic walking site and known for its beauty. Mazatlán also offers a couple local coffee shops you could visit while on your vacation south of the border.


Sicily, Italy

The next location on our list of best senior vacation spots to visit is Sicily, Italy. A trip across the ocean to Europe might be the perfect vacation for you this summer. Sicily, Italy is a perfect vacation spot for seniors and people of all ages this summer. Sicily is located along the coast of Italy and offers an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. There’s a huge list of things for you to do while in Sicily. The best thing you might do while visiting is eating. You can experience authentic Italian cuisine and wine at an array of restaurants. You can visit the Valley of the Temples for more views in between meals.


Montreal, Canada

You could take a trip to visit our neighbor in the north this summer. Montreal is a great vacation spot for retirees. You can experience some European culture without the hassle of traveling across the ocean. French culture is prominent throughout all of Montreal. You can experience the feel of France while in Montreal. French food, culture, and language are everywhere throughout the city. Montreal is a good fishing spot if you like the outdoors. However, you could visit the Notre-Dame Basilica and take in a beautiful cathedral. Also, Montreal offers a variety of tours you can take through the city.



The whole state of Alaska is so beautiful that you could practically visit anywhere and have a great time. However, we would recommend that you take an Alaskan cruise. A cruise is a perfect way for you to either relax or be active around others. Your opportunities are endless when taking an Alaskan cruise. If your more adventurous, you can find excursions to do on most Alaskan cruises. You could take a hike through the Alaskan wilderness and see all the wildlife. However, you can kick back and enjoy the beautiful landscape, water, and glaciers too. Alaska offers a beautiful vacation spot for you to visit this summer.


Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is located less than 2 hours away from Phoenix. You can truly soak up the sun in the Arizona desert. Sedona is a place full of sights to see and is a geological beauty. There are multi-hued red rock formations all throughout Sedona that can change color by the minute because if light and weather. Also, Sedona offers a ton of outdoor activities for you to do while on vacation. You can take a tour of the landscape in a jeep, go hiking, or watch some of the many different birds of Arizona. Inside Sedona, there are gorgeous spas and resorts for you to kick back and relax it.


St. Augustine, Florida

Of course, we had to include at least one Florida spot on the list of best senior vacation spots to visit. Florida is currently a huge hot spot for seniors and retirees. St. Augustine is one of Florida’s oldest communities and offers a ton of things for you to do. One thing you know you’ll get out of Florida is a beautiful beach to relax on. If you’re not a beach goer, you should check out the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. This is home to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Maybe you’ll even find a little bit of inner youth when visiting. Another thing you could see while in St. Augustine is Spanish Colonial architecture. In the Old City, you can see this beautiful architecture and visit the Lightner Museum of Fine Arts.


Travel Your Way

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