4 Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Connect With Loved Ones

It’s easy to assume that seniors would be resistant to using modern technology. But today, these devices can actually help seniors stay connected to friends and relatives who live far away. It’s not always possible for seniors to spend time with their loved ones in person, and according to Seniors Bluebook, seniors who feel isolated are at a higher risk of health complications and experience a lower quality of life. If you are worried that your senior loved one is spending too much time alone, setting them up with the technology they need to communicate can help remedy the problem. Here’s how to help them choose the perfect senior-friendly devices they need to stay in touch with their social circle.

High-Speed Internet

Before you head out to your local electronics store and purchase a gift for your senior loved one, it’s important to make sure they have a reliable Internet connection! After all, that brand new smartphone or tablet won’t work very well if they can’t get online. If your loved one lives in a rural area, they may not have access to a broadband Internet service, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of options. Instead, you can contact local Internet providers to inquire about getting your loved one’s home connected with powerful and reliable WiFi.

User-Friendly Smartphone

Chances are, your senior loved one already has a smartphone, but are they using a model that truly suits their needs and their lifestyle? It doesn’t hurt to shop around! Options for Senior Living suggests picking a lightweight model with great battery life and a large screen. From texting to video chatting to phone calls, a smartphone will give your loved one plenty of ways to reach out to their friends and relatives. In addition to making communication easy, a smartphone is a must for every senior because it allows them to use a variety of helpful medical apps – some of which allow for sharing information. If you notice concerning data, you’ll know that it’s time to find a qualified caregiver through a reputable agency like Caregogi. This device can help you make informed decisions about the kind of care your loved one needs.

Convenient Smart Speaker

With a smart speaker, your senior loved one will be able to call up a friend at any time, without pressing a single button! Whenever they need someone to talk to, all they have to do is say the word, and they’ll hear the voice of a friend on the other end of the line. Plus, a smart speaker can help your senior loved one keep track of errands they need to run and easily look up any information they need to know to plan out their day. Shopping for a smart speaker can be complicated – after all, there are so many options available now that the number of choices can seem overwhelming. To find the right model, help your loved one determine which features are most important to them, such as sound quality, ease of setup, and compatibility with their other devices.

Multipurpose Tablet

A portable tablet is a great choice for seniors who love to travel or would simply like to use a WiFi-capable device that is less bulky than a typical laptop. Your senior loved one can use their tablet for video chatting, sending emails, browsing the web, or even reading e-books! In order to choose the perfect tablet for your loved one, ask them what they plan to primarily use their device for, and then choose a tablet with the corresponding functionality. For many seniors, retirement can feel lonelier than their working years. Old friends may have moved away, their children might live in other states, any even their long-time neighbors might have packed up and relocated. But nowadays, technology can help seniors maintain their most important relationships with their loved ones, no matter how far away they live. By assisting your senior loved one as they shop for new devices, you can help improve their day-to-day life. Article written by Mary Shannon. Her website is seniorsmeet.org Photo via Pexels