7 Ways to Use Tech to Stay Connected for Seniors

Being separated from your family can be heartbreaking. With the coronavirus pandemic raging on and seniors most at risk, however, avoiding in-person gatherings is your best option for staying safe and healthy. Still, you also need to take care of your mental health. That’s why finding safe ways to maintain those connections is so highly recommended right now. Continue reading to learn more about how to use tech to stay connected for seniors.

Embracing tech can help you do so. If you’re apprehensive about using tech to stay connected, Caregogi wants you to keep the following pointers in mind.

There’s an Epidemic of Loneliness

Missing your family lately? You’re not alone. The pandemic has made it hard for seniors like you to stay connected to loved ones. As a matter of fact, an epidemic of senior loneliness has also been spreading across the country and this can also pose risks to your health. But there are ways to avoid loneliness and to preserve social connections without risking your health.

Budget-Friendly Tech Can Help

The good news is that tech can help you avoid feeling isolated, especially around the holidays. With a basic desktop, you can use a video conferencing service to talk with and see your loved ones, no matter how far away they live. Many tech manufacturers, including Lenovo, also offer discounts on their already low-priced products when you buy online.

Including User-Friendly Tablets

If you don’t have room for a desktop, a senior-friendly tablet is an alternate pick. Apple’s latest iPad is a popular product. Amazon also offers several lower-priced tablets, which can be a better choice if you are living on a limited retirement budget. Read through reviews and check out prices online to find the right device to help you stay in touch with family.

Holiday Gatherings Can Go Virtual

With your desktop or tablet, you can plan some virtual holiday fun with your family and friends. In fact, you can take most of your memorable family activities online. Share family history, cook up traditional recipes, or make crafts together. The virtual options are endless! Also ask your family members to take screenshots, photos, and recordings of your celebration. That way you’ll have a way to look back on your new holiday traditions.

Zoom is Free and Easy to Set Up

Before you start planning online celebrations, you’ll need to set up a video conferencing account. Zoom has been the go-to for most folks because it’s simple to use and you can do so free of charge. You’ll need to download software or an app to your device but the instructions for doing so are pretty straightforward. Just click through the screens and you should be all set.

There are Also Other Video Options

Zoom is easy and free to use, but there are other apps you can download to stay connected. If you decide to buy an iPad or iPhone, you can always use the built-in FaceTime feature to call other Apple users in your family. WhatsApp can be perfect if you have loved ones who live out of the country, and you can also use this app to send texts and make voice calls free of charge.

Tech Can Provide Peace of Mind

You may also rely on your loved ones to make sure your home is secure, comfortable, and safe. When in-person visits are not possible, this becomes more difficult, but this is another pandemic problem that can be solved by tech! Smart home devices like video doorbells and smart locks are convenient solutions for both concerned seniors and caregivers. These futuristic gadgets can also make it easier for hired caregivers to provide services.

Until a vaccine is distributed, you should avoid gathering with your loved ones in person. If you’re feeling down about doing so, remember that user-friendly tech can be a safe alternative. Then you can still stay in touch and make memories, without risking your health.

If you have any questions about how to use tech to stay connected for seniors, contact us today at Caregogi.