Reduce Your Risk of Dementia Today

Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Research shows that dementia affects approximately 50 million people globally. A syndrome resulting from disease in the brain, it involves a decline in memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language and judgement. Tragically, the number of people struggling with dementia today is expected to triple within the next thirty years. With 10 million new cases…

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How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Fight Dementia in Seniors

Fatty Acids Help Fight Dementia

It’s no secret that a healthy diet and regular exercise can benefit the body in many ways. These simple things help the heart, your muscles, and in some cases, even your brain. As we age, our risk of developing certain brain diseases also increases. After age 65, the chance of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease…

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Care Story: Dementia or UTI?

Meet Alice: Alice is an 88-year-old woman living on her own in her home. She is widowed and has two children. Her son and his family live a state a way, while her daughter and son-in-law live a half hour away. Both children stay in touch and do their best to visit when their busy…

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The 5 Best Ways to Maintain a Routine for Seniors with Dementia

We, as humans, crave routine. Routines allow us to feel comfortable and safe. Having consistency in your day can considerably simplify your life. When you are a person with abnormal cognitive function, such as a person with dementia, the need for consistency is even greater. The same can be said for seniors with dementia. People…

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David’s Care Story: Planning Care for a Resistant Parent

David’s Story: Meet David: An only child responsible for starting senior care planning for his failing mother living with dementia. David needs to find care for his mother. He also operates two businesses and is raising a family, David, while having experience in the home care industry, still faces a difficult decision. He needs to…

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