Managing Stress and Anxiety

These past few months have been stressful for everyone. There are several different actions that seniors can take to reduce anxiety and improve their well-being. Because of everything going on in the world, it can be easy to feel alone isolated. Especially during these times, many people feel that life will never go back to normal. Managing stress and anxiety can be difficult. There are several different things that seniors can do that makes dealing with stress and anxiety more manageable.

Establish a Routine

We have all had those days where you wake up and feel like there is nothing to do. It can be easy to feel sad or depressed when there is nothing to look forward to in your day. One of the best things you can do is to establish a routine that you can commit yourself to following. Each day, you should make a schedule and establish a routine as to what the day is going to entail. Having a schedule helps you to stay focused and motivated and to not fall into a slump. You should schedule time in your day to exercise, call or write to friends and/or family, do household chores, and to relax. Each day, your schedule should be a bit different so that it does not become dull. It can be helpful to write it out in a planner or on a calendar so that it is easy to follow. When you establish a routine, your stress and anxiety levels will decrease because you will have a plan for your day in place.

Cook a New (or Old) Recipe

Especially since many restaurants are closed, cooking can be a great way to reduce anxiety. It puts your brain to work and helps you to stay busy. If you do not cook much, check out websites such as Pinterest or The Food Network for cooking tips or new recipe ideas. Another way to make cooking fun is to pull out old recipes from your childhood. It can be fun to make something that your mom used to make you when you were a kid that you have not had for years. If you do not have any, try asking a family member if they still have a favorite recipe from your childhood. Cooking not only puts your mind to work, but it gives you something to do and also is very rewarding!

Listen to Music

In every era of human history and in every society around the globe, music has allowed people to express their feelings and communicate with others. Not only can music make you less stressed, but it can make you happier and elevate your mood. Listening to music can serve as a distraction from any stress that you are feeling. Music can directly affect your mood, so remember to put some thought into what you listen to. Instrumental music can calm anxiety. If you are not a fan of instrumental music, put on your favorite genre of music and try to have some fun with it. Avoid songs with harsh or negative lyrics. After a few songs, your mood will probably improve and your stress level will be reduced.

Watch Something Funny

Laughter is the best medicine and can significantly reduce stress. Even if you live alone, there are several different things that can make you chuckle. One way to reduce stress is to watch a funny video. YouTube is loaded with funny and amusing videos that are guaranteed to make you smile. Try searching something that interests you such as “funny puppy videos” or “kittens”. Even if you watch a video for a few minutes, it will reduce your stress level because your mind becomes distracted. Another thing you can do is to watch a few episodes of your favorite show, or re-watch your favorite funny movie. When your brain is focused on other things other than stress, it can improve your mood and make you happier. Watching something funny is a great way to handle managing stress and anxiety.

You Are Not Alone- Everyone Gets Stressed

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Everyone experiences different levels of stress and anxiety. Some people are extremely on-edge all the time, where others only feel stressed here and there. Managing stress and anxiety can be very challenging, especially if you do not know how to handle it. Stress is normal, but the important thing is that you figure out ways to reduce stress and cope with it. Find out what calms you down and commit yourself to sticking to it. Life is too short to be stressed out all the time! Instead of focusing on everything that you don’t have, smile and focus on the things that you do have!   For more interesting blogs, check out