Exercises for Seniors

Exercise has the ability to significantly enhance one’s quality of life. Exercise helps you to maintain good health, prevent injuries, and lower risks of heart diseases. Staying active also helps you to sleep better! No matter how old you are, exercise is important for everyone. Though exercise is very important, it is more important that you are safe while doing so. There are several safe exercises for seniors that you can try at home to stay healthy and in shape!

Hip Extension

Hip Extensions help with balance and keeping your legs strong. Stand 12 inches behind a chair, and hold on to the back for support. Lean the upper body forward 45 degrees and slowly raise one leg straight back behind you. Lift it as high as you can without bending your knee. Pause. Slowly lower your leg. Do 8–15 repetitions, and then repeat with the other leg. When you’re ready for more, add ankle weights. When you can do this comfortably, add a second set of repetitions. (Harvardhealthpublishing.com)

Heel-Toe Walk

Practice heel-to-toe walking as if you were on a tightrope, placing the heel of one foot just in front of the toes of the opposite foot each time you take a step. (Hold your arms out at your sides for balance if you need to.) Walk the length of a long hallway, then turn around and walk back. (Harvardhealthpublishing.com)

Tummy Twists

Begin seated, holding a ball with hands close to your stomach and elbows slightly bent. Slowly rotate your torso to the right as much as you comfortably can, while keeping the rest of your body stable.Return to the center and repeat on the left. Repeat until you complete 8 twists per side. (Evelo.com)

There are many different safe exercises for seniors that you can do right at home! Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of creativity. For more senior care tips, visit caregogi.com.